Photo Tips for Real Estate Listings: Are your photos straight?

Unless you're listing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, your photos should be straight.

So what do I mean when I ask, "Are your listing photos straight?". When we look at a structure, our eyes automatically know what is vertical and what is horizontal. Take a look at this first example. The original was shot at ground level, thus resulting in the home's verticals converging towards the top. Take notice how the red lines will start leaning in towards the center, where as the corrected image, all the vertical lines are straight.

Here is another example of an interior shot:

Remember, your listing photos are a direct reflection of you and your brand!

Your listing photos not only help sell the home it is showing, but will also help you land your next client!


Author : Isiah Xiong

Isiah Xiong is a Real Estate Photographer based in Montgomery, IL servicing the entire Fox Valley Area including, but not limited to: Aurora, Naperville, Oswego, Yorkville, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles and more.

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