Photo Tips for Real Estate Listings: Aerial (Drone) Views

Aerial or Drone views of a home offer a unique perspective on the property, and they add value to your potential buyers!

Why Aerial Photography?

Here's a list of advantages that Aerial Photography can offer to your next listing!

1. Showing a property from a bird's eye view can more effectively show off any scenes of value and amenities, such as fields, bodies of water, parks, mountains, etc.

2. Use Aerial Photography as an additional marketing tool by offering unique aerial perspectives other listings may not have. Here's your typical ground-level shot of the front exterior of a home:

And here's the Aerial view:

3. The potential buyers will have a better view of the entire lot. Top-down views can show the entire lot and how the property is uniquely laid out.

4. Roof condition can be seen at a glance and problem areas can be spotted, which can be relayed to the homeowner to have patched, and for the potential buyer to know what may need attention when they move in.

5. Your listing will stand out from the rest, as well as add marketing value to you and your brand! Your currently listings with professional photography not only help sell that home, but also helps land your next client!

Have any more advantages that I missed? Leave a comment!


Author : Isiah Xiong

Isiah Xiong is a Real Estate Photographer based in Montgomery, IL servicing the entire Fox Valley Area including, but not limited to: Aurora, Naperville, Oswego, Yorkville, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles and more.

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