Photo Tips for Real Estate Listings: Utilize Zillow Walk-Through Videos to boost overall traffic!

Did you know that Zillow prioritizes listings with walk-through videos on the top of search results?

Zillow is the top online Real Estate search website to date. The second is Trulia, which is owned by Zillow. It's more important than ever that your listing stays on the first page of these search websites! Homes on the first page get more views, more views means the potential for more showings, more showings mean more potential buyers... You get the idea.

So what is a Zillow walk-through video?

It's a quick, 2-minute video that is shot from your smartphone via the Zillow App. Agents and Photographers both have access to this feature.

Isiah Xiong Photography uses the latest in stabilization technology and the best wide-angle lens attachments on the market to best represent your listing on a Zillow walk-through video! Here's an example:

Here are some potential questions you may have, which we'll do our best to answer:

1. Should all my listings have a Zillow Walk-through Video?

Yes! Your listing will be on the top of search results on Zillow in the area it is listed.

2. Why should you hire a professional to shoot video instead of doing it yourself?

Everything you post online is a direct reflection of you and your brand. Your brand is how people perceive you and your business, and how your next client will choose you to represent them in their next listing.

3. How long does it take to shoot a Zillow walk-through video?

It takes Isiah Xiong Photography approximately 10-15 minutes to shoot a full 2 minute walk-through video.

4. Will Zillow walk-through videos replace professionally shot and edited walk-through videos?

Short answer is "No". See the "Pros and Cons" list of Zillow walk-through videos below.

5. Who uploads the final video?

The person who shoots the video will be responsible for the video upload. Isiah Xiong Photography uploads all Zillow walk-through videos by the end of the day that the video was shot.

6. Can you upload a professional video in place of the Zillow walk-through video?

Agents can upload a professional video for a fee. Zillow Select Photographers have the ability to upload videos as well for free!


Zillow walk-through videos come with some great advantages, but they do have some minor drawbacks as well. Here's a list of Pros and Cons we've compiled based on our experience in shooting the walk-through videos:


- Your listing will be on the top of search results on Zillow

- The video shows the potential buys a quick view of the flow of the property

- Smooth, professionally shot Zillow walk-through videos enhance your listing, as well as adds a great marketing tool to your packages


- Video is limited to 2 minutes, so video has to move quick.

- Video is shot and uploaded as is. No editing can be done.

- Video quality is limited by the quality of your smartphone

- There is no option for music.

Overall, we do highly recommend Zillow walk-through videos, as being on top of Zillow search results only works in you and your client's benefit.

Isiah Xiong Photography offers both Zillow walk-through videos as well as professionally shot and edited Cinema walk-through videos! Contact us for more information.


Author : Isiah Xiong

Isiah Xiong is a Real Estate Photographer based in Montgomery, IL servicing the entire Fox Valley Area including, but not limited to: Aurora, Naperville, Oswego, Yorkville, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles and more.

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