Photo Tips for Real Estate Listings: Window Views are Important!

Are you showing interior views with blown out windows?

If you answered "Yes", then STOP!

Your BRAND deserves better!

Our eyes are amazing when it comes to showing us what we should be seeing. Though cameras have come a long way, they still have their limitations when capturing an interior scene to show both the interior and the exterior properly exposed.

Unless the conditions are just right, it's very hard to capture a scene that's properly exposed for the interior and exterior simultaneously in just one shot. This is where your professional photographer will have to use other techniques to shoot, balance, and blend the scene together. Here's the corrected shot from the image above.

We talked to a few local realtors and homeowners and found that both like the fact that you can see the exterior views from the interior shots, and would prefer to not see blown out windows where you can not see the view at all.

Here is a shot of a room with the natural light and some light editing.

And here's the same room with the windows pulled in to show both interior and exterior:

Previously, I mentioned that your BRAND deserves better, and it does!

You might be asking yourself... "What does MY BRAND have anything to do with the images I post?"

The images you post to your listings are an extension of your brand.

You ALWAYS want to show you and your brand in it's best light! And this has two positives.

1. Better images generate more showings, which in turn generate more potential buyers, which means more offers.

2. When a potential seller considers you as their agent, they will see that you only post the professional photos for your listings, which will give you the edge among other agents.

Make sure you hire a Real Estate Photographer that provides you with the quality that your brand expects.

Show your window views as they are meant to be seen. Keep your brand standards high. And continue to build your brand equity.


Author : Isiah Xiong 
Isiah Xiong is a Real Estate Photographer based in Montgomery, IL servicing the entire Fox Valley Area including, but not limited to: Aurora, Naperville, Oswego, Yorkville, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles and more.

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